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Specialist application and development labs

To complement the wide range of fabrication and characterisation facilities available in our Cleanroom Complex, the Zepler Institute also comprises several specialist applications and development laboratories, including:
Femtosecond Applications of Science and Technology (FAST Lab)

The Femtosecond Applications of Science and Technology (FAST) lab is a multi-user facility where a variety of ultrafast experiments are performed. Funded jointly by the ORC and the Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF), the FAST Lab opened in 2004.

The FAST Lab facility consists of three sections (one 'clean' lab dedicated to optical bio-science) and the other two supplied with femtosecond laser systems and optical tables with a total floor space of 72 square metres. The £1.1M installation and recent £300K upgrade provides the ORC and its collaborators with one of the most comprehensive and flexible commercial ultrafast laser system in the world.

For more information visit: www.orc.soton.ac.uk/fastlab.html


Nanomaterials Rapid Prototyping lab

The NanoMaterials Rapid Prototyping Facility is a semi-cleanroom environment, equipped for the fabrication and analysis of NanoMaterials. The facility is designed to allow prototype Nano-devices to be quickly built and tested and is a collaboration between physicists, chemists, engineers, material scientists and industrialists to combine the successes of their disciplines to create entirely new ways of building on the nano-scale.

For more information visit www.phys.soton.ac.uk/research/facilities

Specialist application and development labs FAST LAb
Specialist application and development labs FAST Lab