Past events

Building a Better Biosensor

An informal workshop, strengthening links between research groups

The interaction of photons or electrons with biological matter can be harnessed to biosensing, whereas the second kind of interaction holds a promise to better biosensing, thanks to the direct reading of the signal. From the great plethora of available electrical methods, the field effect transistor based biosensor (Bio-FET) continues to draw a lot of attention, as it is standing on the shoulders of the giant semiconductor industry.

Bio-FET research is clearly an interdisciplinary field, as it involves the marriage of methods from electrical and biomechnical engineering, material sciences, chemistry and biochemistry. This informal workshop will bring together scientists and engineers working in two facilities, the Zepler Institute and the Institute for Life Sciences, and across several research groups. The main aim of the workshop is to share the diverse aspects of our research and link it to the common goal of “Building a Better Biosensor”.

Speakers include
  • James Wilkinson – Overview of Zepler Institute Facilities
  • Peter Smith – Life Science Research at Southampton
  • Erez Pology – Common Sense and bioSensitivity: An Introduction to Biosensing
  • Maurits de Planque – Nanopore biosensors for microRNA detection and quantification
  • Despina Moschou – Microfluids and Lab-on-a-Chip Technology
  • Ioannis Zeimpekis – Fabrication and Peformance of a Nanoribbon TFT Biosensor
  • Kevin Huang – Beyond Graphene: Emerging 2D Materials for FET
  • Sam Guerion – High Throughput Material Discovery

There will be four sessions and delegates are welcome to attend any individual sessions or for the entire day. There will be opportunities for discussion. For details of the agenda, please download the workshop poster pdf below.