Past events

Innovative Future Sensors: technical meeting in partnership with Jemi (the Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative) and Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group Annual Conference

Innovative Future Sensors: Jemi joint technical meeting, Thursday 30 June 2016, 09:55-17:00

We are pleased to announce this joint technical meeting with Jemi, the Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative and association of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and services for the Semiconductor and associated manufacturing industries such as Plastic Electronics and Nanotechnology in the UK and Ireland.
The event, hosted by the University of Southampton's Zepler Institute and Jemi, focuses on 'Innovative Future Sensors' and will comprise a programme of eight presentations with speakers representing both organisations. As part of the day, delegates will have the opportunity to join a tour of the University's cleanroom facilities.

Talks include:

  • Welcome address: Dr Alec Reader, Director of JEMI
  • Nano-Ribbon Sensors. Dr Dan Spencer, University of Southampton
  • Fukushima – Imaging the Fallout. Paul Wood, Inphys
  • A brief introduction to ALD, nanomaterials and their uses. Nigel Matthews, STREM Chemicals UK Ltd
  • Micro-systems and Sensor Systems. Dr Jize Yan, University of Southampton
  • Semefab - the UK’s commercial MEMS foundry. Allan James, Semefab
  • Multi-Channel Optical Sensor Platform. Dr Martin Charlton, University of Southampton
  • Detectors & Sensors for Nuclear Subs. Dave Hankey, BAE-Systems
  • Bio-inspired nano-sensors. Dr Themis Prodromakis, University of Southampton
  • Laser micro targets and laser micro machining. Duncan Cooper, Scitech Precision
  • Concluding remarks. Prof Shinichi Saito, University of Southampton

Attendance is free to all Zepler Institute and Jemi members. To register your place, please visit the JEMI website

(Zepler Institute members should select the 'Member Standard Ticket' option)

Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group Annual Conference, Friday 1 July 2016, 09:00-17:00

Coinciding with Jemi's technical visit to Southampton, the University's Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group will hold their annual conference the following day. Jemi members attending Thursday's technical meeting on sensors are welcome and encouraged to attend this event.

Talks include:

  • Prof Hywel Morgan: Welcome remark
  • Roel Mingels "A wireless sensor platform for personalised healthcare monitoring"
  • Despina Moschou, Kostas Papadimitriou and Nikos Vasilakis “Affordable electronic diagnostics”
  • (Invited) Prof Clemens Kaminshi, Director of EPSRC DTC in Sensors, University of Cambridge
  • Linqing Luo “Distributed fibre optics sensors”
  • Kapil Debnath “Novel silicon photonic slot waveguide”
  • Tasmiat Rahman “Black silicon on back contact solar cells”
  • Isha Gupta “On-node biosignal processing”
  • Riccardo Reale "Reconstructing human airways on chip"
  • Ben Lowe “Multiscale simulation of field effect biosensors: from quantum mechanics to electrostatics”
  • Xiaoqing (Sally) Shi “Sub-10 nm patterning using helium ion beam lithography”
  • Taharh Zelai “Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for graphene nanostructure”
  • Sam Sellars "Biological analysis on a TFT array"

For the full agenda and to register your place please visit the Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group Annual Conference 2016 Eventbrite page