Past events

International Day of Light 2018 celebrations

16 May 2018, University of Southampton

To mark the UNESCO International Day of Light 2018, PhD students from the Optical Photonics Society (OPSoc) will be organising a programme of activities for school students and the public in Southampton.

The events include:

- An Outreach Masterclass (16 May 2018) for 100 ‘gifted and talented’ local school students includes an interactive laser light show exploring the importance of light in industry, and three workshops where students can recreate the Pepper’s ghost illusion using a smartphone and build their own spectroscope.

An art competition (16 May 2018) with Cantell School will ask students to produce a piece of art titled Why light is important in my life and aims to bring creativity and innovation into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Winners will be invited to star in a video promoted by Fun Kids radio.

A public panel session (17 May 2018) will showcase applications of light sciences and technologies in the arts, education, industry and research, with a parallel poster competition running for participating students. If you are interested in this public panel session, sign up to attend here