Past events

Lloyd's Register Foundation International Conference 2018

9-10 May, London

This two day event will bring together Lloyd's Register Foundation grant holders, members of the public, academia and industry, and is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the work and impact of the Foundation. The conference will feature keynote speakers, presentations and early career 'master classes' spanning all areas of our grants funding, including the LRF-International Consortium of Nanotechnologies Programme led by the University of Southampton.

The Lloyd's Register Foundation International Consortium of Nanotechnologies (ICON) aims to develop a global network of nanotechnologies focused on addressing the challenges raised in the Foresight Review of Nanotechnologies (2014) to enhance safety. The global network comprises world-leading academics, industrialists and students. LRF-ICON will also host its annual workshop in conjunction with the International Conference, on 11 May 2018. This event will bring together 20 ICON students from around the world, including Malaysia, the US, UK, Australia and Canada to participate in interactive sessions and presentations from leaders in industry, publishing and academia.

Follow the link to register for the Lloyd's Register Foundation International Conference 2018