Past events

Open Access Publishing - 13 December 2013

Dr Nicola Gulley, Editorial Director, IOP Publishing Ltd.

The Zepler Institute welcomed Dr Nicola Gulley, IOP Publishing Ltd., who presented the key points on open access in an interactive seminar where the audience had the opportunity to ask questions about this much debated topic.

What is the difference between copyright and licences and why do I need to know? What do I need to do to be compliant with my funding agency? What is the difference between Gold and Green open access?

Open access has been much debated and with the introduction of the updated policy from the Research Council UK (RCUK) requiring that all output from research supported by RCUK grants be published on an Open Access basis from 1 April 2013, and consultations from many other funding agencies discussing possible future mandates, it is set to continue to be a hot topic. IOP Publishing has been involved with the discussions on open access for many years and has a selection of options to enable authors to publish on an open access basis. However we have had feedback from researchers that there is still confusion regarding what this means practically for them. In this presentation I will outline the key points in relation to  open access, discuss the pros and cons, as well as reporting some feedback from other researchers. I will focus on some of the more common questions on open access and how they relate to publishing in general as well as our own open access policy.