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Research Data Management and Open Access

EPSRC Research Data Management expectations and REF 2020 open access requirements

Dorothy Byatt, Academic Liaison Librarian and Wendy White, Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Southampton

EPSRC policy framework on research data was endorsed and implemented in 2011.  It included two significant dates. The first in May 2012 was the requirement to submit a clear roadmap on how as an Institution we would develop policies and processes to align with the EPSRC’s nine main expectations based on their seven principles. The second is in May 2015 and is when the EPSRC set their deadline for compliance.

In the meeting we will discuss the EPSRC expectations and the services that have been developed so far to assist you in meeting them. We would hope to hear from you about some of the issues that may arise from the types of data you create and use so that we can develop further resources and services.  This will be an opportunity for discussion.

We will also cover the open access requirements for the next REF. These have been published by HEFCE and require that the author accepted manuscript of any journal article or conference proceedings must be deposited in a repository within three months of the paper’s acceptance.

A buffet lunch will be provided.