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Call: Free Silicon Photonics Fabrication for UK Institutions

Second fabrication call, May 2017

As part of the EPSRC-funded CORNERSTONE project, research institutions are invited to submit mask designs to the forthcoming Silicon Photonics Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) run.

This service is offered free of charge to UK institutions, but non-UK submissions are also welcomed for a small charge: please contact pricing details.

The platform for this call is 220 nm Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) with two Si etch depths of 70 nm and 220 nm. There is also the option of metal heaters.

The deadline for mask submission is Friday 30 June 2017. For more information and full design rules, please refer to the CORNERSTONE 2nd Call Design Rules document available to download from the link at the bottom of this page.

For any queries, please contact