Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events, lectures and seminars

Here you find details of upcoming Zepler Institute events in 2017.You may also like to explore the University’s other upcoming events relating to electronics and photonics listed to the right of this page.
Quasi-gradient sub-diffraction focusing with metamaterial super-oscillatory lenses Guanghui Yuan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Abstract After a brief review on optical super-oscillation work done in CDPT/NTU, I will introduce our recent progress on the quasi-gradient sub-diffraction... Read more
Fabrication of on-chip integrated quantum optical devices based on ferroelectric materials Christof Eigner, Paderborn University, Germany Abstract Integration of complex optical setups is a promising way forward for current photonic quantum technologies. So far, most quantum applications were based... Read more
Call: Free Silicon Photonics Active Device Fabrication for UK Institutions Fourth fabrication call, September 2017 As part of the EPSRC-funded CORNERSTONE project, research institutions are invited to submit mask designs to the forthcoming Silicon Photonics Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) run. This... Read more