Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events, lectures and seminars

Here you find details of upcoming Zepler Institute events in 2016.

You may also like to explore the University’s other upcoming events relating to electronics and photonics listed to the right of this page.

“X-ray lasers” on a tabletop: New science and new opportunities for technology Prof Henry C. Kapteyn, University of Colorado at Boulder Zepler Institute Distinguished Speaker Lecture Abstract The ability to generate coherent laser-like beams of ultrashort-pulse x-rays using the process of high-... Read more
International Symposium on Ultrafast Photonics Technologies (ISUPT) 2017 10-11 July 2017, University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Winchester UK Early bird registration closes 31 March 2017. For full details and to register, visit We would like to invite you to the... Read more