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19 July 2017
The smart factory. The fourth industrial revolution. The industrial internet. Whatever you prefer to call it, Industry 4.0 is becoming one of the defining themes of the current era, promising the combination of connectivity, flexibility, artificial intelligence and speed required to deliver next-level industrial productivity.So where does photonics fit in? Perhaps it would be easier to ask where doesn’t photonics fit in. From high-speed optical data links to the versatility of laser materials processing, and the feedback and intelligent decision-making made possible by machine vision systems and optical sensors, the smart... Read more
13 July 2017
The Silicon Photonics Group fabricates its devices in the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre, one of the premiere cleanrooms in Europe.
The University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre is entering into a ‘Prosperity Partnership’ with Rockley Photonics as part of a £4.8m scheme to advance silicon photonics technology.Over five years, the University’s Silicon Photonics Group will receive £2.7m from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), working with Rockley Photonics – who will contribute a further £2m. The University will provide an additional £148,000.The... Read more
04 July 2017
The Zepler Institute Cleanroom Complex
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Third fabrication call, June 2017As part of the EPSRC-funded CORNERSTONE project, research institutions are invited to submit mask designs to the forthcoming Silicon Photonics Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) run.This service is offered free of charge to UK institutions, but non-UK submissions are also welcomed for a small charge: please contact pricing... Read more
25 June 2017
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New figures show substantial value of light-based technologyThe Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and the Photonics Leadership Group (PLG) today report that companies manufacturing light-based technology (photonics) in the UK contribute £12.9 billion to the country’s economy.This updated analysis of the UK photonics... Read more