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26 February 2018
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• CORNERSTONE sixth call design rules
CORNERSTONE users are invited to submit designs to the sixth call. The platform is 220 nm Si / 2 µm buried oxide (BOX) silicon-on-insulator (SOI). There will be 3 silicon etches of 70 nm (grating couplers), 120 nm (rib waveguides) and 220 nm (strip waveguides). In addition, there will be two layers for metal heaters (heater filaments and heater contact pads).For the first time, a process design kit... Read more

Forthcoming events

CORNERSTONE at PIC Conference 2018 PIC Conference, 10-11 April 2018, Brussels Visit the CORNERSTONE booth to enter our MPW prize draw CORNERSTONE is a new fabrication capability that can provide competitive prices for both active and passive silicon photonic devices, and is currently free-to-access... Read more