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Prof Themis Prodromakis presents Chemistry in Action
Prof Themis Prodromakis presents Chemistry in Action

Zepler Institute Professor of Nanotechnology, Themis Prodromakis, this week took his 'Brain-inspired electronics' to over 900 GCSE and A level students as part of an event to inspire the scientists of the future. Monday's event in London organised by the Training Partnership, was packed full of talks focusing on chemistry and featured five sessions from leading chemists in academia and industry, demonstrating the huge range of careers and opportunities that can be opened up through studying in the field.

Professor Themis Prodromakis, described his research on ‘Brain-inspired electronics with metal-oxide chemistries’, introducing how functional materials can be turned into nanoscale devices for linking to the human brain, decoding neural information or even emulating the brain processing capacity in microchips. For more information about Professor Prodromakis' research please visit

Posted by rc2c12@sot on 08 Nov 2017.